Thank You, Cooperstown.

An open letter to Cooperstown Dreams Park


Dear Cooperstown Dreams Park,

Thank you for canceling the 2020 camps due to the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the community, nation, and world. I’m not happy about any of this; my son and my family have been looking forward to this for a very long time. Not being able to play baseball and experience the event is something we’re still wrapping our head around.

But, I am grateful that you made this difficult decision, for many reasons.

Thank you for making the decision early and allowing everyone planning to attend time to process the decision and change preparations.

Thank you for offering your facilities in service of relief for the ongoing pandemic. This is admirable that you are you are doing so even at great (presumably) financial sacrifice.

Thank you for deciding to cancel from all the families whose parents lost their jobs, whose small businesses are forced to close, whose side hustle to be able to pay for their Cooperstown trip dried up. By taking the decision out of their hands, they are appreciative for having that stress removed for what will be an uncertain time.

Thank you for the lesson in fairness. This is certainly not fair for the children to be randomly affected and miss out simply due to their birthday. For all the May 1, 2007 and April 30, 2008 children: this is perhaps horrible, but a great reminder that they were born into what is a prosperous time, in a country where opportunities like Cooperstown even exist. If this is the worst thing that happens to them during their childhood, then they will be well set up for life. If it’s not the worst thing to happen, then they are already building a reservoir of strength and fortitude that will serve them well in the future.

Thank you for giving me another opportunity to teach my children about gratitude and grace. We’re fortunate we are healthy and able to play baseball and can afford the resources to support the experience. When the ump says “Play Ball!” again, we’ll be ready. There are so many in our community who are not as fortunate through no fault of their own.

Thank you for expecting to return in 2021.

If that does not come to pass, thank you for almost 25 years of memories that illustrate what is possible with a field, a ball, and a Dream.


  1. Donna · March 21, 2020

    Whatever. Apparently your kid gets a chance to go again next year., so its easy for you to say. The dream isnt being taken away from your kid. How “noble” to write such a righteous “ tribute” to the CDP. As long as your kid is home free , you’re all set, aren’t you.


    • Cindi Hall · March 22, 2020

      Disappoint is a fact of life. It is better to cancel than to have your kids go, get sick and die. Or, have them infect their grandparents and kill them. It isn’t just about playing baseball, the health of our country depends on everyone sacrificing!


    • A · March 22, 2020

      Maybe you should think a little out of the box of your own disappointment! This decision impacts the Cooperstown community SOOO MUCH MORE than your vacation! Cooperstown is a village with a population of around 1,800 people. The village is only about one square mile, with ONE traffic light!! The Dreams Park brings in 104 teams per week- plus all the family members! Think about those numbers! And that doesn’t include the Cooperstown All Star Village weekly tournament teams! Many, many businesses, families and individuals in the Cooperstown area will suffer unrecoverable financial damages from this decision! But it will also protect the health of those who live here!!! Get a clue!!


  2. Kimm · March 22, 2020

    Thank you for posting. This perspective is the one and only way we should be looking at this situation. Though it sucks and we don’t get to partake of this awesome event it is the right thing to do. Thank you Cooperstown Dream Park for not being selfish and doing your part to help in our time of need.


  3. Kevin · March 22, 2020

    Good words. I have read many comments about how kids are missing this opportunity and they have worked for many years to achieve this chance…it is like Cooperstown was the dream and end all in their baseball careers. We work and practice not for Cooperstown but to be the best baseball player we can be when we reach the high school age groups, so we can take this as far as we can take it. There will be more tournaments and more games, but Cooperstown was just one and some of us are making it out to be the end of our kids careers. I think the parents are more disappointed than the kids are. The kids just want to play ball again.


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