I’ve got uniforms on my mind….

Starting a team part 1: the Marietta Bombers initial design and hat

I love love love uniforms.  Daily reader (and infrequent Ticker contributor) of Uni-Watch.com, follow a bunch of uniform-focused accounts on twitter, etc.  I think this all started probably when I was in 8th grade and got my first replica jersey, a black Shaquille O’Neal Orlando Magic top from Fan Fair at Northland Mall in Columbus, OH.  Very cool purchase for 13-year-old me.  Another topic for another day, though.

What I want to talk about here is my thought process as I put together the uniform package and design for a travel team I started 18 months ago with a couple friends of mine.  We were a new team with about a 5-week ramp up period to start the season and part of that included coming up with a name and team colors right before our tryout.  The coach landed on the name Marietta Bombers (to recognize the old Bell Bomber plant in Marietta, GA) and the colors navy and white to align with the those of the local high school.  Cool back story, and smart move on the colors.  At that point it was handed off to me to run with and get the uniforms lined up.

First piece of business was simply landing on a theme or or general principle for the design.  Knowing we wanted some sort of M on the caps, but not really knowing what logo or font would be best, I searched on google for just about any team I could think of that might fit the bill.  Marlins, Brewers (new and old), Miami Hurricanes, Montreal Expos (by the way I love the old Expos logo and would totally rip it off if I ever got to design a uniform set again!), and on and on.  Smartest move I made there was creating a pinterest board to easily save off anything I found of interest for future reference in the project.  Taking these different logos into account and roughly sketching out a uniform idea in powerpoint (and perhaps most importantly listening to my wife!), I landed on the idea for a white Old English M on a navy hat.  Quick trip to visit my friends at Lids Town Center to get some hats made so the coaches could look like they had a plan at the tryout, and voila!, a team identity was formed!  Here’s the hat:


I loved this hat.  LOVED IT!  Classic style, large logo, “3-D”, or raised, embroidery.  Freakin’ awesome!  Yeah I’m tooting my horn a bit and really anybody could have come with the a logo and hat like this, but they didn’t.  It’s not like we were running into this design every weekend, you know, lolz!  It fit perfectly with the what we were doing with the team and just looked great quite frankly.

That’s it for now. I’ll cover the rest of the process of coming up with the logos, uniforms, etc., in the future.

Meanwhile, if you’re not doing so already, check out Paul Lukas at Uni-Watch.  Great writer, fun blog.