Favorite 2015 8U KP uniforms

No not those guys up top.  I think they were 15U.  Although some teams we came across seemed to think those were good designs to model 🙂

These are pretty much just Atlanta-area teams that we played or saw last year.

In no particular order:

  • Gainesville Braves: Red Nike Jersey, white piping, script Braves logo, white knickers, red socks
  • Georgia Blaze: Red front/white back Alleson jersey, white pants with red piping, red hat (I designed this so whatevs; I also hated our gray uni set, so there’s that)
  • Georgia YardDogs: Red/Black vest, white or black pants
  • Buford Wolves: White jersey with green trim, green/white hat.  The green and white combos was nice in that its not something you come across often.
  • Hickson Black Sox: Mainly just liked the hat, an all-black version of the Red Sox socks logo.
  • Elite Gamers (Sanders): Just the custom digi-camo socks.  Something different.
  • Midway Wolverines: White/navy set with gold trim I think.  Navy and white hat. I think they had like 10-inch numbers on the back which really stood out
  • 643 Cougars: Navy/Orange/White White Sox style beach blanket throwback design, white pants, striped socks in team colors.

There’s probably more and I’ll list them out as they come to mind.

Feel free to share your thoughts or teams in the comments.