February 13 in Baseball History

February 13, 1920

“A group of eight midwestern team owners meets at the Kansas City YMCA to organize the Negro National League, which will become one of the most successful ventures of its kind. Rube Foster, the owner and manager of the American Giants, will become president of the new circuit, leading to accusations of favoritism, which appear especially true when the schedule had Chicago play a disproportionate number of games at home.”

Big day as this was the first Negro league to have sustainablity. Admittedly I didn’t realize much about the Negro Leagues history besides the fact they existed during the segregation era.  But as far as the founding and also the multiple leagues that comprised this enterprise, looking into this piece of history taught me a thing or two.  That’s never bad.

February 9 in Baseball History

February 9, 1971

“Satchel Paige becomes the first Negro League star to be selected to the Hall of Fame. The right-hander, the oldest player in the majors to make his big league debut, became a legend during his professional career, which lasted from the 1920s until 1965, playing in several different Negro Leagues and with the Indians, Browns, and A’s.”

Kind of speaks for itself I think.  I’m going out on a limb I think when I say we won’t be seeing another 45-year playing career anytime soon.